Youth Leadership



Youth Director - Brent Lathan

Brent graduated from Albertville in 2008 and has been enlisted in the US Army for 8 years and has been on two deployments one to Afghanistan and another to Qatar. He has developed the point or rank system for the youth to motivate them to learn about the gospel of Jesus Christ. He believes in Salvation based on Faith, but feels the conviction and need to do the work that the lord has placed on his heart. 

Asst. Youth Director - Laura Williamson

Laura graduated from Boaz and is currently working on her degree in elementary education. She assists with lesson plans and with the management of the youth's events and activities.


About Our youth


Is made up of boys from grades 7th - 12th and girls from grades 9th - 12th and any college age student.  We have a bible study every Wednesday night and because we wanted our young people to understand and have personal relationship with Jesus, we have developed a points and leveling system called ranks based on a students attendance, participation, respect during lessons, trivia based on the days lesson and more!  This has been proven as an effective motivational tool for our young people to have fun while develop a personal desire to have relationship with Jesus.  

Student Leadership


Dawson Boyd - Youth Leader

"The Youth Leader is the head of our student leadership and is responsible for managing all of the student leadership roles."

Kendrick Jammerson - Youth Leader

"The Asst. Youth Leader assist the Youth Leader with the overall management of our student leadership."

Devin Taylor - Student Usher

"The Student Usher collects offering and leads student leadership meetings in regards to the use of the youths funds."

Jordan Rios - Activity/Event Coordinator

"The Activity/Event Coordinator leads student leadership meetings in regards to future events and activities and also assists Leadership in planning."

Isaiha Rios - Music Coordinator

"The Music Coordinator organizes music to be played or performed, during services, activities, and events."

Peyton Cooper - Classroom Manager

"The Classroom Manager ensures the cleanliness and upkeep of the youths classroom and/or any facilities used by the youth."